A Whole New World In Kids Fashion

There is a whole new world emerging in the kids’ fashion clothing market. One that is growing at a vast rate and that is becoming the end-all and be-all in fashion. As in women’s ready-to-wear, fresh, young talent is sprouting in the form of unique, one-of-a-kind, quirky, boutique-like brands. Gone are the days when brand-names reigned supreme. Designer kids fashion is being replaced or supplemented with smaller brands that have introduced lines that are striking and out of the ordinary. In a world that is shrinking, these small designers or design teams can spread their message easier and quicker via the internet and social media and virtually become an overnight success.

This new movement in kids fashion is all-encompassing and offers the savvy shopper complete head-to-toe looks, including clothing, head wear, accessories, hosiery, and shoes. To compete with more established and well-known brands, these newer brands capitalize on their unique style combined with superior craftsmanship. Like kids brand-name clothiers, fine-quality is essential. However, they set themselves apart by creating looks that are distinctive and unusual, while not compromising on comfort and practicality. Form and function combine to create lines that are well-rounded, but that stay true to a distinguishing image and look. If they have staying power, these contemporary fashion lines will create names for themselves and redefine kids fashion. These newer kids fashion brands are also appealing for many reasons. Special attention is paid to detail, customer service, and branding.

Many of these kids brands manufacture in small ateliers. They are set apart by their acute attention to detail and style. It is no longer enough for girl’s dresses to be adorned with flowers and bows. Designers are fashioning new silhouettes. Shapes and styles have become more sophisticated while still remaining light and youthful.

Smaller brands mean more personalized attention and customer service. Producing on a smaller scale usually means more personalization and special-orders. Different than women wear and menswear, this branding image must appeal to adults and kids alike. These brands are usually sold in smaller boutiques that specialize in customer care and satisfaction. Shopping is more intimate and exciting in boutiques as the items that are sold are usually not as widespread.

You might think that these these boutique-like brands are smaller, newer, and not recognizable. On the contrary, these brands are creating names of their own and cult-followings. And who knows, in just a few short years, these brands may evolve into brand names of their own.

How to Select Most Fashionable Clothes for Children

Those days are gone when only men and women were concerned about fashion trends; instead, fashionable kids wear has become a parallel segment with equal meaning among all range of kids. The growth of fashion predisposition among kids is really enthralling nowadays which has been capitalized well by the modern fashion clothes and accessories providers by offering a wide assortment to pick the best fitting one.

The diversity of modern fashionable kids wear assortment is really cool, remarkable and is extremely funky, having accurate relevance with the modern taste of fashionable little kids. The designers of today’s fashion world have given their efforts through different strategies to make innovative and amazing kids fashion clothes and making the market complete and creative. Colors are always a preferred thing for kids when choosing fashionable dresses and the fabrics are required not to be tedious and uncomfortable. These are just overview lets move towards more precise strategy for selecting the most fitting dress for your kids.

The modern trends have verified that T-shirts as well as shirts that contains name and picture of children’s preferred sports team, super heroes or movie character is being more valued among them. Most of the modern fabric for children is corduroy and denims that can really provide an innovative look to all range of kids. The dress needs to be somehow carefree, and must include some darker shades grey or navy blue for boys and green and blue in case of girls. These are known as the most regular and fascinating colors for these two groups. Hooded shirts, tees and tops as well stay on the top preferred list for fashionable kids wear. They may provide a stylish and modern look, while making sure total comfort both for boys and girls.

Exceptional prints and modern patterns on tees or tops can catch the notice of kids right away. Among the most preferred patterns, stripes, checks and circles are very much suitable for all range of kids. Having handy and stylish accessories is also important to make their fashion outfit complete. Caps, belts, wrist bands and sports shoes can do really good for this purpose. An in-born fashion sense can be seen in girls, which they carry from the very beginning. Therefore, short skirts, jeans, halter necks and appealing tops remain always on their most wanted fashion list. Also, the cuts of their tees and tops are very much considerable since a small cut of neck can turn ordinary tops into a great one.

Variety is another point that must be considered when selecting fashionable kids wear. When selecting one, you must avoid being boring and tradition, and specially, not selecting the same types of clothes. To meet this situation, a range of designers are working day and night to make a varied list of alternatives for exclusive kids fashion clothes. This super list may include leather jackets, metal glittered dresses, colorful cotton tees, blazers, trousers, and many more.

Finally, when buy a dress for children; try to be children first. Try to know what you would have bought if you were in their place. The current kids fashion wear market is full of alternatives and here, you should be responsible for the smile and elegance of your kids while they are having fun time with their buddies.

How to Get Started in an Online Community for Kids Fashion

When searching the internet for kids fashion forums or blogs, one gets bombarded with incomplete articles and lots of sales pitches. I therefore decided to put together a small guide about how to get started in the online community for kids fashion. This way you can start being an active member instead of just a passive reader. This guide is written in a general way because I don’t want to promote any specific blog or forum. We all have different views so it’s best if you find an online community by yourself. Basically, your goal is to find online platforms that are committed to the kids fashion scene. Online portals could be forums, blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook groups/pages or other active websites. So the first question is: how do you find such an online portal?

Like most internet users, you’d probably do a Google search to find an online portal. When doing so with keywords like “kids clothes blog” or “kids fashion forum”, you’ll see that there are no results on Google that could content you. There are a couple forums, but most of them haven’t seen a new thread in months (sometimes even years) or are spammed by sales offers with no real content. Therefore, I suggest you first get yourself a Google Alert and Google Reader account. Use these tools to be informed automatically about topics related to specific keywords of your interest. What you want to do is enter keywords like “kids designer clothes” or “children designer wear” into your alert and Google Reader will then display all content that is being published related to these keywords. You should also use specific brand names that you are interested in like “Gant Kids” for example. Keep reading your Google Reader results on a regular basis and you will eventually find active online communities. Next you can browse Facebook for groups and pages. I am sure you are going to find one or two groups/pages there that you will like. Maybe not at first but if you keep searching and stay active you’ll find them eventually. The kids fashion Facebook pages and groups usually don’t have a huge community, yet. But this has its advantages, too: for example it will be easier to get to know all the members. And lastly, you can still keep using search engines like Google, Yahoo Search etc. on a regular basis. Make sure you also visit some of the result pages further back because you might find a good article or forum post that will lead you to another good online portal.

Once you found an online portal that you like, you need to commit to that website. In most cases, this means you will have to register as a user. I won’t go into the technical details of how to join an online community, because usually this is well explained on the specific website itself. Just look for a “Sign up” or “Register” button somewhere on the page and follow the instructions. If you are not used to this procedure, take your time and read everything carefully. In most cases, once you have completed the registration process, you are going to have your own account to use the specific website.
Nevertheless, having an account doesn’t automatically make you an accepted member of an online community. The best way to start is by providing as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable with. This is important because once you start writing online with other members, they are going to visit your profile to find out who you are. The more information they can get about you, the more “real” you become to them. Hence, you become more of a human being instead of an anonymous writer. This way you are going to be accepted much faster to an online community. To do so, look for something called “Profile” or “About Me” and fill out as much information about yourself as you can – and as you feel comfortable with of course. As a next step, I’d suggest you present yourself to the community by writing a short post about yourself. Usually, there is a designated section where people can present themselves. Make use of that! Next step would be reading what others are writing and posting a constructive answer or opinion on that topic. Once you got a feeling for the community and its members you can start to lead your own discussions.

Just in case you are absolutely new to online communities, I want to give you some important ground rules before you start posting your own comments. First of all, you should always be kind and helpful. Don’t insult anyone – even if they insulted you. Always remember that you joined the community to talk about kids clothes – a topic that you are passionate about – and not to argue with others on a personal level. With this said, it’s also important that you always stick to the topic. Other members can get annoyed if you start contributing to a discussion with answers that have nothing to do with the topic that is being discussed. If you want to talk about something else, start a new discussion. And lastly, always respect other members’ views and don’t feel offended if others have a different opinion.

If you follow this guide you will have no problems joining any community. Sticking to these points is even more important in the online community for kids fashion because it is quite new and small. Once you joined a portal and started exchanging your thoughts with other members, I am sure you will find friends very quickly that you will talk to on a regular basis. I wish you a lot of fun following my guide. I hope to meet you online one day, so that we can talk about kids clothes together!

Kids’ Fashion Swimwear: Is It Worth the Price?

Every child (and in the case of babies, every mom) wants the hottest, trendiest swimsuit for the upcoming season, but is kids’ fashion swimwear really worth the high price? Of course as with anything else, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration. Here are four things you should consider when trying to decide if your kids’ fashion swimwear is really worth the high price:

1. Sun protection – The number one thing you should be concerned about when purchasing kids’ fashion swimwear is sun protection. Most swimsuits on the market don’t cover much skin and often it seems like the less skin that is covered, the higher the price! Even suits that are more modest do not necessarily provide any protection against the sun. The key is to look for a suit with a high UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). The highest rating is 50+ so if the label on a swimsuit does not specifically say what the UPF is, you can bet that it’s quite low and the suit won’t offer any protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

2. Quality of the material – The best material for a swimsuit is a combination of Lycra and nylon. If you shop online, you should easily be able to find a suit that is specifically made to resist chlorine or saltwater, depending on where your child swims the most. To ensure that the suit is made to the highest standards, especially in the area of sun protection, look for one by a manufacturer that is licensed under the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency or a similar entity in your country.

3. Size / fit – You should also think about whether your child will outgrow the swimsuit before the end of the summer. Children grow quite rapidly, so if you’re going to have to purchase two sizes over the summer, it might be better to skip the more expensive pieces. However you can’t put a price on sun protection so you will want to get the most protective piece of swimwear at the lowest price possible.

4. How often they will wear it – If your child spends a lot of time poolside, in the water or on the beach, then paying more for a high quality piece of kids’ fashion swimwear is probably worth it because you know they will get plenty of use out of it.

Kids’ fashion swimwear can be quite expensive, so it is important to weigh all of the factors before deciding whether your son or daughter should receive the expensive piece of swimwear he or she wants. Choosing to buy your kids’ swimwear online is often a great way to save money on this necessity.

Why Should Parents Care About Kids Fashion?

How can little curious brains ignore the inclination of people over stylish clothing trends? Like adults, kids are equally interested in shopping for fashionable clothes that are prevalent and famous. Even many parents are also keen on appareling their children according to latest kids’ fashion. On the contrary, there are also mothers and fathers who don’t believe in fashion for their kids. But parents should understand that trend for a kid is all about displaying their taste. Furthermore, hectic lifestyle is also a major obstacle preventing parents to think about children’s fashion.

However, there are several clothing brands offering trendy yet sensible clothes for kids that appeal to parents as well as kids. Also, the parents do not have to take out extra time as they can shop for remarkable dresses within the comfort of their own home by exploring various online kids clothing stores.

But before any parent gives the child liberty of shopping clothes for own selves, it is important that mother or father should teach their little ones about fashion and its basics. Though children are stubborn, having proper conversation with them can bring the solution and help the min properly choosing their clothing. Letting them relish the liberty is advantageous for their own development, but how? Read the below to find out.

• Selecting From Options

It is true that kids, nowadays, have sense about stylizing their own selves. Witnessing the passion of children towards clothing motivate parents to invest in their wardrobe. Spending money on kids clothing is not just to make them look wonderful, but the child relishes as they are exposed to several options that are quiet trendy and fashionable. When provided the necessary freedom, a child under proper guidance can make a wise choice. The capability of taking a stand will be instilled from the very beginning.

However, with so many options in front of them, a child might insist on buying more than the planned pair of clothes as he is unaware about the budget. Hence, the parents must be strict and must not fall weak if a child cries.

• Enhance Confidence

Donning various dresses and clothes will not just make them appear trendy, but this will also boost their confidence. Since the child is highly inclined over a particular dress, which will not only make him feel wonderful, but contentment and satisfaction will also be sensed by him. Trendy clothes for your baby boy or girl will enhance the confidence and will also generate positivity.

• Showcasing Individuality

Every person in this world possesses his or her own individuality. Beginning from childhood, everyone has own tastes, habits, fashion style etc. Likewise, kids should be offered freedom while choosing their own clothes. At early stages, a kid remains glued to certain kinds of dresses. But when the child grows older, he demands colors, patterns, different styles based on his or her interests. Moreover, the exposure makes the kids understand that good personality is required in contemporary times.

Letting a child opt for fashionable dresses will make him or her display their individuality. Parents can help and guide their children in picking a favorite piece of clothing from latest fashion so that they are happy on their part because the choice will put forward their identity.

This way the kid will be able to come up with their own dressing sense.

• Developing their own style statement

Parent’s liberty, freedom and guidance in choosing the latest fashion boost the confidence of a child. Besides, it will also help the kids to create his or her style statement that will help them in the future.

Kids Fashion Depend on Past Fashions

Most of the kids fashions that are available today spring from fashions that are seen on many of the children’s shows around the country. For instance, new music stars emblazon t-shirts and end up designing their own line of clothing or a new cartoon character blossoms into an entire line of sleepwear for kids. Kids are influenced by what they see on television therefore manufacturers feed on the innocent in order to sell products. If they make their fashions to mimic people that kids idolize in order to get them to get their parents to purchase the products. This is how they make their money off of the unsuspecting likes of children.

Some kids fashion reverts back to some of the older fashions of almost half a century ago. The older styles have a tendency to become popular again after thirty or forty years making them the “in” thing to wear. As with most fashions, they generally follow the fads that are popular at the time which dies out after a few years. Most of the fashions for kids today are re-vamped styles from over fifty years ago. For instance, Capri pants are extremely popular just like they were in the 1940’s. Straight leg jeans are also popular like back in the 50’s. If you like a style and it goes out, just wait a while, it will come back in style.

Although kids fashion greatly depends on the popularity of stars and cartoon characters, it also depends on past fashions. Parents used to be able to hand down clothes that a sibling wore the year before but today that is not possible. The styles change so rapidly that the clothes are out of style before they can be handed down. This costs parents millions of dollars each year in apparel. By the time they come back into fashion, the siblings are too big to wear them. It is difficult for parents to tell their kids that they can’t have something based on characters or stars when everyone else is wearing them and this is just what the manufacturers are counting on.

Trying To Keep Up With Kids Fashion Is Not The Easiest Thing In The World To Do

Ask any parent and they will tell you, that knowing what the most up to date kids fashions today are, is almost an impossible task, since they are constantly changing. Just when you think that you have finally got it all figured out and you bring the designer kids clothes your child was desperate for last month, now they do not like them, and want something else. What does a parent have to do, not to go crazy while trying to keep their child happy?

If you think that it’s only the young girls that are so choosy, not so fast, because some young boys, can be just as picky as their sisters. After all, it is all about keeping up with what the most popular kids at school are wearing, and trying to stay in touch with the “In Crowd”.

Maybe you do not remember what it was like in elementary or middle school, always wanting to be popular and respected. Without question, one of the most important necessities to make that happen, is always wearing the most fashionable clothing possible.

Thankfully today, shopping for children fashion is much easier on the parents, than it ever was in the past. No longer do you have to go from store to store dragging the kids along just to find something that they like, and more importantly, want to be seen in. Now, all you have to do is to turn on the computer, browse a few websites with your kids at your side, let them pick out what they want, and the clothes will be on your doorstep in a few days.

What could be easier than that, no longer do you have to spend money filling up the car with gas to drive to the mall, and then ruin the entire day because your kids cannot find anything that they like. Now, all of your back to school shopping can be usually done in less than an hour online.

The best part about all of these websites is that the designer kid’s clothes for sale on them, have prices that are normally less expensive than can be found at a local retail outlet. In addition, you do not have to pay sales tax on your purchases, and in most instances, there is no charge for the shipping.

Peer pressure is one thing when you are an adult, always trying to keep up with the “Jones”. But, when you are a kid, peer pressure is an entirely new ball game all together. As sad as this is to say, if a child does not wear the very best clothes to school, they are often picked on and ostracized.

If you remember what it was like being a child and having to deal with peer pressure, then you fully understand why wearing the most popular designer girl’s clothes is so important for any young lady. After all, it was important to you when you were a child, so why would it be any different for one of your daughters?

Children’s Designer Clothing Trends For Spring-Summer ’08 Season – European Kids’ Fashion Shows

In the last few years there had been a significant shift in children’s fashion. It used to be so cute, so girlish, so boyish, so pink and so blue. Lately, the styles and trends are adopted from adults’ fashion runaways and transformed into children’s designer clothing pieces that are more practical and wearable. Comparing big and little fashion worlds one can easily see correlation between the two. These days children look as chic in their sharp outfits as adults do. Famous fashion designers such as Moschino, Kenzo and Ralph Lauren are now offering their creations of renowned quality and imagination in miniature versions. So what are the kids’ designer clothing trends for Spring/Summer ’08 season? Visiting children’s apparel shows in Europe and United States and closely watching designers we are reporting the following.

Designer Girls Clothing: There is a strong desire to creatively combine different styles with a blend of glamour and refinement. With a new attitude based on simplicity, beauty and sentiment, designers’ collections this spring and summer are full of fine fabrics and technological materials. White is given a regal touch with a splash of silver and gold, and is playfully ironic with delightful prints, stripes and polka dots of strong colors such as fuschia or black. Monnalisa goes even a step further and introduces Disney Characters as contrast to white and metallic background. The effect is phenomenal! Refined, aristocratic puffed sleeves, skirts or shorts are favored by many designers this season. The touch of magic illuminates the runways of many spring-summer collections with striped fabrics in vibrant colors and with glittery details such as appliqués and crystals. Appliqués are bright and often use gold and silver fabric to create amazing contrast with stripes.

Designer Boys Clothing: The Spring/Summer ’08 collection is full of energy and spirit. Styles often come in light blue, cream, olive, and other neutral colors. New styles have a slim fit, but because of ultra-light fabrics are easy to wear, which ensures great freedom of movement. Military theme is still very strong. We also see a lot of pockets on boys’ garments which always add a cool touch. Designers, such as Moschino, use a lot of silver for boys’ outfits this season. Tank tops and polo shirts come in different colors with a lot of details on front and back (IKKS boys’ collection is a great example of this trend). We are glad to see that finally boys’ clothes are becoming more fashionable, fun, and loud which is a big relief to stylish moms who complain that boys’ styles are not made as hip as girls.’

Fashion And Kids: Six Reasons To Keep Your Kid Fashionable

You may be wondering what I am going to talk about in here, because it is bad to allow the little kids to be influenced by fashion and glamor. As parents, we are always concerned for our little ones. We want to make sure that they are always okay, healthy and happy, at least till the time they don’t get onto the racing tracks of the real world and actual life.

There’s one thing that I want to share with all the parents out there – the world and time is not like how it was when we were younger. For us, fashion, glamor, media and beauty never mattered. But if you look at all those little kids out there right now, even if you don’t teach them anything, they know how to keep themselves beautiful and presentable.

I am here to give you the following six reasons to keep your kid fashionable:

1) The times have changed – We have to agree with the fact that the generation and its mentality has changed drastically. Kids are not like how they were a few decades ago. They want to look good in the crowd.

2) Innumerable options – Have you seen all those brands and varieties for the clothes and accessories of little kids? There are so many options out there and if you want your kid to be different than the others, you have to pick a few of them.

3) Influencing media – The moment your kid troubles you, you tell him to go and watch TV for a few minutes, which turn into hours together. He watches the advertisements of clothes and accessories, due to which his tender mind gets influenced.

4) No bullying – If you really want your kid to be away from bullying and other such psychological tortures, you have to make sure that he looks good and impressive in the crowd, to keep the others away from him.

5) Creating the right sense in his mind – It is truly said that a person grows just the way his parents want him to be. Therefore, if you fill your kid’s heart with style and fashion right when his mind is soft and flexible, you can create the right taste in his heart.

6) Creating the sense of healthy competition – It is essential for you to keep the spirit of healthy competition alive in the mind of your kid, which can be done if you adopt the right fashion for him.

Kids Fashion Organic Range

The kids organic fashion range is evolving rapidly, mostly due to consumers becoming more environmentally conscious in general and also by parents looking to reduce the chemicals brought into the home. Qualities of organic cotton or bamboo-based clothing can include its long-term durability to hold up to all day play, exceptional softness, and wrinkle resistant. Even though naturally produced ingredients are used in the production of the kid’s fashion range for the newborn to teen, they are still available at quite affordable prices.

Organic kids clothing isn’t just great for our planet and future, but is also manufactured to a very high standard. The manufacturing process is quite unique in its nature. Textiles used (organic cotton, bamboo, soy, and hemp) to produce these clothes are natural and healthy, meaning they are grown without relying on harmful or toxic insecticides or pesticides. A certified organic fashion range assures you’re getting kids clothing free of animal products or by-products.

Organic clothing is highly rated especially for the developing and growing young bodies. Keeping in mind the soft and supple skin of kids, throughout the production of the organic clothing a great interest is made in relation to the materials and dyes used to ensure they are safe and lead-free.

Bamboo as a material for kids clothing is greatly appreciated due to being made up of a material that is highly breathable. This is great for letting the little ones stay cool through the summer months and warmer through the winter months, making it quite easy to layer several clothing articles. Also, bamboo-based clothes are able to naturally protect against harmful UV-rays.

If looking to shop for a versatile range of organic clothes for kids then there is a wide-range of bricks and mortar and online stores offering a fine collection of naturally made apparel, which might be either 100% organic or organic with a mix of conventional materials, such as spandex of similar to ensure the clothes wash well and last a long-time. Although, the organic range is offered in many superstores, the more unique designs are often made available online, with a great number of specialist web-based stores offering quite an extensive range of organic clothing.

Overall, the range of eco-fashion wear for kid’s combines a great emphasis on the design or style with high-quality craftsmanship to create a perfect selection of outwear, underwater and everything else that might be in between.